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Matt Black helps create an air of contemporary sophistication. From inception to launch, Matt Black has received excellent feedback from the design fraternity. To provide you with the ultimate showering experience, Aquant offers a wide range of Faucets and Shower Systems that come Matt Black.

Item Code: 2044MB - Matt Black

Item MRP: 55,000

Item Code: 2041MB - Matt Black

Item MRP: 15,500

Item Code: 2042MB - Matt Black

Item MRP: 21,500

Item Code: 2043MB - Matt Black

Item MRP: 27,500

Item Code: 3152MB - Matt Black

Item MRP: 8,750

Item Code: 3155MB - Matt Black

Item MRP: 5,450

Item Code: 3154MB - Matt Black

Item MRP: 2,350

Item Code: 28121MB - Matt Black

Item MRP: 6,000

Item Code: 2045MB - Option A

Item MRP: 118,750

Item Code: 2045MB - Option B

Item MRP: 118,750

Item Code: 2099MB - Option A

Item MRP: 130,750

Item Code: 2099MB - Option B

Item MRP: 130,750

Item Code: 2046MB - Option A

Item MRP: 138,750

Item Code: 2046MB - Option B

Item MRP: 138,750


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